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Our mission is to provide you with true concierge service for your every escape, large and small. Our clients tend to give their all to others—whether at home or the office—and it’s our privilege to now do the same for them.

At Trillium, “concierge” service means learning your preferences and weaving them throughout every aspect of your trip. It means anticipating your needs before they arise. It means addressing any hiccups behind the scenes, so your journey continues without missing a beat. It means allowing yourself to let go and experience the thrill of being taken care of at every turn.

Meet Cathy Cox

For nearly 20 years, I’ve worked in corporate at Sony, helping my team produce award-winning video games. I love my job dearly and make sure “my people” are always well taken care of—but even a video game producer feels the corporate grind. I’ve long turned to travel to rest and replenish my creative cup, so I could get back in the office and give it my all again.

I found that I don’t always need a full two-week vacation—a quick weekend trip will do. That is, if it’s planned the right way. One of my favorite quick trips took me to Charleston with my mother. We checked into a gorgeous historic hotel (and immediately got upgraded to a suite), hopped onto a private chartered boat, got a VIP tour of sprawling mansions, enjoyed downtime by the pool in our reserved cabana, and filled up on shrimp and grits at the best restaurants in town.

That trip hit all the right buttons—and gave me inspiration and relaxation—in just a tight four days. But the best part about it? I didn’t have to plan a thing; I left it all in the hands of my travel advisor. Yes, I used a travel advisor myself before I opened my own agency!

Founder of Trillium Concierge Travel

At Your Service

Seamless experiences with my own advisor are exactly what inspired me to start Trillium. It’s such a luxury to be able to sit back, relax, and let an expert professional take care of everything for you (the way you normally do for others). Now, I’d love to do the same for you.

In addition to my time at Sony, I’ve also been producing television commercials for 20+ years, a role that requires me to often book large group travel for the cast and crew. I’m adept at balancing complex logistical details alongside last-minute changes—so rest assured that your quick weekend getaways and bigger bucket list journeys are in trusted, tested hands.

Replenish yourself completely on your next escape—and relinquish every detail to me.

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favorite travel adventures


Napa, California

Finally securing a reservation at the French Laundry, leading to an amazing 36 hours of fine cuisine in wine country.



New York City


Seeing Hugh Jackman & Sutton Foster in the Music Man from the second row—and getting a private backstage tour!

favorite travel adventures




Luxuriating in the The Haven accommodations aboard The Norwegian Prima.

favorite travel adventures



Banff, Canada

Hitting the slopes during the day and dipping into fondue at night
(The Grizzly House is so much fun!)

favorite travel adventures



St. Petersburg, Russia

Vodka and caviar tasting in the splendor of a former palace.

favorite travel adventures

Experience comprehensive concierge travel design

Whether you’re after relaxation, replenishment, or creative inspiration—or a mixture of all three—we’re here to make it happen for you with ease. Because a true concierge approach makes all the difference.

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