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When you only have a long weekend to rest and recharge, you want to make the most of every moment. That’s where Trillium comes in. Our concierge approach to travel planning means we’ll take the reins on even the tiniest details of your weekend getaway. Let us book your pampering property, whether that’s a boutique all-inclusive in Cabo or a stunning spa resort in Sedona. We’ll then seamlessly arrange everything else, from your airport transfers to restaurant reservations, using our insider knowledge to book you only the best.

We understand that weekend trips aren’t often planned out months in advance; you need to get away when you need to get away. That’s why we offer expedited planning for your luxury weekend escapes. Simply reach out to us when your schedule allows and we’ll swiftly turn out a fine-tuned itinerary that gives you the indulgent break you deserve

Luxury Weekend Escapes

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Maybe you scored front row seats to the must-see Broadway show of the season. Maybe you splashed out on tickets to see your favorite artist perform—several states away. Or maybe you finally got reservations to that practically-impossible-to-reserve Michelin restaurant on the West Coast. Whatever is getting you on the plane, let us build a travel experience around your big event that rivals the event itself (well, almost!).

You scored the seats—now let us take care of all the rest. We’ll hand-pick a luxurious property convenient to your event venue, secure dining reservations and transfers as needed, and pad your quick weekend getaway with experiences that pamper and inspire, like spa sessions, food and wine tastings and hands-on activities, private tours, and beyond.

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Sometimes, vacations are just better together—but the complicated group logistics get in the way. We specialize in crafting seamless group getaways that allow you to enjoy a destination—and one another’s company—without worrying about aligning schedules or preferences.

Whether you’re after a weekend getaway with your BFFs or a trip spent with a few of your favorite couples, we’ll make your shared escape effortless (even if you and your fellow travelers are coming in from different cities). We’ll coordinate flights, hand-pick a property that suits the needs of your whole group, and arrange activities to appeal to your differing interests—hit the links while others enjoy a spa day, or indulge in a delicious food tour while part of the group hangs by the pool. How you spend your time together, and how much time you spend, is all customizable.

Group Travel Experiences

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When you’re ready for more than a quick weekend away, let us design an astounding journey of discovery to the place that’s long tugged at your heart. From Europe’s glittering capital cities and castle strewn countryside, to New Zealand’s breathtaking mountainous landscapes, to Africa’s wildlife-filled savanna—and destinations far beyond—we have a network of vetted luxury travel partners across the globe who can bring your customized itinerary to life.

We’ll fill your itinerary with immersive excursions and activities all tailored to your particular interests, like hands-on cooking classes, after-hours museum tours, private vineyard visits with cellar tastings, city tours with architecture experts, and more. And as always, leave every detail and logistic to us, including your flights and transportation within and between destinations. Come home invigorated and inspired by all the new sights, sounds, and tastes you encountered.

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